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CarLimo Express LLC

Airport Arrival

If for any reason the customer cannot locate our chauffeur, it is the customer’s responsibility to call our office
Toll Free 1-855-397-2227
Our dispatchers are in constant communication with our chauffeurs and will be able to assist you. Failure to call our office if contact cannot be made will result in appropriate charges.


Delayed Arrivals

When a flight is delayed due to mechanical difficulties or bad weather or flight cancellation, we will attempt to contact someone for authorization to wait. However, CarLimo Express will not abandon our clients at airports. We will wait until the flight arrives and charge accordingly unless we are told to dismiss the car. If the car is dismissed, charges will be from the airport to our office plus time, tolls and parking fees.
*** Remember: One Hour Grace Period from Last ETA at all Major Airports. ***

Shuttle Service

Up to the minute flight information is difficult to monitor on shuttles and one-hour flights. Please call CarLimo Express’s office, as soon as possible for any known changes in arrival times, so we might adjust as necessary.

For Your Convenience

CURBSIDE PICKUP: For those times when you arrive at the airport without luggage. Request a Curbside Pickup, when you place your reservation. Upon your arrival, telephone CarLimo Express’s dispatch center using our curbside pickup number 917-846-7254, after you have notified the dispatcher that you are ready to leave the terminal for pickup, the dispatcher will then instruct you where to go meet your vehicle. Dispatch will radio your vehicle to pull up, with lights flashing, for your pickup. So that you may exit the airport to your destination.

Meeting Your CarLimo Express Chauffeur

Look for the CarLimo Express sign or your company name, whichever is appropriate.
Domestic Flights: Kennedy or LaGuardia – meet at the baggage area unless specified in advance.
International Flights: Meet at the Customs exit.
If you do not see your chauffeur, DO NOT LEAVE, call CarLimo Express at